The northbound ramp between Route 128 and Interstate 95 in Massachusetts has to be closed all day and all night because a tractor trailer tipped over, spilling over 16,000 pounds of expensive printer ink on the highway.

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Authorities say that they will have to repave the entire expanse of road where the and when you return to online defensive driving you’ll have to go back to:depends on personal circumstances. ink spilled, and hopes that the repair work will be complete before the morning commute.

The ink reached two storm drains, but isn't considered a hazardous material. Despite the non-toxicity, an environmental cleanup company (which presumably isn't Sunshine Cleaning) has been summoned to the scene to get rid of the substance under the supervision of state environmental officials.

Some onlookers joked that the ink was worth billions of dollars, given the incredibly marked up price of printer ink in general.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash and the driver himself escaped unscathed.