Why PopJolly?

Founded in 2010, PopJolly is already one of the most visited startup news site around the world which is read by over 1.5 unique users per month (statistics based on May 2010 to June 2010).

Updated with an average of 25 originally sourced and written news articles per week PopJolly is seen by many as a natural go-to source for engaging news. It has also been recognised as a Top 100 website of 2010 .

Articles are regularly shared on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and also perform well on social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit.

Audience: 1.5m monthly unique users, 47% – USA, 31% UK, 68% – Male, 66% – Aged 18-44, 75% – No Children, 52% – College Educated.

Users are also typically professionals based in major urban areas such as London, New York and California. Many work in the media and as such are an influential demographic, a high number use material from PopJolly as a source for TV and radio shows they work on.

Advertising and Sponsorship

PopJolly offers a month-by-month buyout and branding package which includes all advertising spots on the site and branding on PopJolly social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. There is also the option to sponsor a featured article or post.

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