The quiet English town of Tulla was thrown into chaos this weekend when an angry otter was ferociously wandering up and down the main street, threatening to bite pedestrians and would-be rescuers.

Farmer Joe Burke and shop owner Mike Hogan had noticed the animal as it passed by on the footpath outside Mr. Hogan’s store. Concerned for its safety, they decided to come to its aid, but the otter, feeling threatened, went wild.

The otter rewarded Mr. Burke with a nasty cut and attempted to bite onlookers.

Eventhally, the two men managed to corner the otter in a courtyard and had a plan to wait for animal control to come and take the critter to safety. They wrapped his head in a Tayto bag, which caused the otter to stumble blindly into walls.

Fearing for the otter’s life, Mr. Burke decided to take on the rescue himself by capturing him in a thick sack and loaded the otter into the back of his jeep, where they planned to release the otter back into its natural habitat at a local lake.

The otter managed to chew its way out of the bag, jumped out the window and made a dash back towards the town, but the men managed to outrun it and trap it underneath a traffic cone. They slid a piece of plywood under the cone and carried it to the lake, where they released the otter.

However, the otter was so tired by its efforts that it almost drowned, so the men once again rescued it, pulling him towards the reeds and propped him up where he managed to regain his stamina.

Source: BBC