A 20 year old Christian mobile phone shop manager in Florida has stopped a would-be robber by preaching to him about Jesus.

The robber walked into a MetroPCS store in Pompano Beach, Fla., around 10 a.m. He exchanged pleasantries with Goncalves, asking whether she was keeping dry. Moments later, he reached into his coat, apparently showing her a gun. He apologized, saying: “I really hate to do this. . . . Don't be scared.” “I'm not scared,” replied Goncalves, who was working alone. She told the man she is a Christian.

The incident was captured by the shop’s closed circuit camera. Nayara Gonclaves spent nearly five minutes preaching and persuading the man that what he was doing was wrong.

CCTV capture of the incident

The would-be robber eventually apologised, and confessed that his gun was a replica and left th

e shop in Broward County.
During the incident on July 23rd, Ms Goncalves told the would-be robber that she was going to talk to him about Jesus. The stunned man said he’s Christian and was “embarrassed” to be doing what he was doing but need about $300 to cover his rent before being evicted.

Miss Goncalves holds her trusty Bible outside the shop where she works

Ms Goncalves told him “I don’t know what you’re going through, but all of us are going through a hard time right now.”

Realising that he may not be able to get more than the words of Jesus, the man decided to leave.

The shop manager told the BBC she had been inspired by God and that she hoped the man would turn to the church.
“It touched me. I could never be able to think I could talk or preach to someone with a gun. I just felt like hugging him and saying please don’t do this.”

Veda Coleman-Wright, of Broward Country sheriff’s office sais she has never seen anything like this in her 14 years on the job. The man is wanted for attempted armed robbery, she added.