There has been growing calls for FIFA to ban the Vuvuzela. The trumpet-like instruments have droned through every match since the World Cup got under way in South Africa on Friday. The noise has been likened to a herd of stampeding elephants or the drone of a thousand bees. Singing from the stands has generally been drowned out as a consequence.

Chief organizer Danny Jordaan told the BBC on Sunday that they are doing their best to control the situation but are not fully ruling out a vuvuzela ban either. “We’ve tried to get some order. We did ask them no Vuvuzela during national anthems, no Vuvuzelas when anyone is making an announcement or talking. I know it’s difficult but we try and manage as best we can,” he said.

You either love them or you hate them and the vuvuzela is stirring up some impassioned debate on Facebook, YouTube and other sites online.

“We’ve heard from the broadcasters and other individuals. It’s something that we’re evaluating on an ongoing basis.” Asked whether a ban was possible, he said: “If there are grounds to do so, yes.” He named throwing them onto the pitch as one possible reason to ban them.

The captain of the French team, Patrice Evra, has blamed the noise generated by the long plastic vuvuzelas for his side’s poor showing in their opening group game against Uruguay. ”We can’t sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas,” Evra said. “People start playing them from 6 a.m.”

With a sound that can reach 130 decibels, the instrument may prove to be dangerous to your hearing and in the stands, many have made arrangements by buying earplugs

The Vuvuzela is said to have cultural reference to the blowing of the horn in Zulu culture to signify the start of celebrations, but this has been contested. Chief organizer Danny Jordaan has also hinted that the Vuvuzela is not necessarily part of the South African cultural celebrations.

“In the days of the struggle, we were singing – we did not blow anything, we were marching and singing. Jordaan said. “All through our history it is our ability to sing which really inspires and draws the emotions. It is a huge debate and it will continue, but we did say that if one lands on the pitch in anger then we will not think twice and take action.”