• A court in Moscow has sentenced a hacker for blasting drivers caught in the rush hour with hardcore porn. Like something out of a Chuck Palahniuk novel, hacker Igor Blinnikov thought it would be amusing to hack a video billboard on a busy Moscow road by switching the feed to show busy commuters hardcore pornography. Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 24, 2011at10:36 pm

  • Three teenagers are facing felony charges after egging an 83-year-old man. Charged with injury to an elderly person, the three 17-year-olds, Tyler Zeringue, Justin Mirardi, and Dylan Shaw may face years of prison time if convicted. The police report states that the elderly man was having car trouble on Highway 290 near Cypress in Texas Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 24, 2011at1:31 pm

  • Refused a kiss, 92-year-old Helen Staudinger aimed an automatic pistol at her neighbor’s house and fired four times. Authorities say that the old woman insisted that she be given a kiss by her 53-year-old neighbor, Dwight Bettner. When he refused to kiss her, she pulled out a gun and fired at him, hitting his house Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 23, 2011at9:02 pm

  • German police say they arrested a man who was caught pumping iron while driving on German’s no-speed-limits interstate, the Autobahn. Despite the fact that there is no law preventing anyone from “pumping iron at the wheel,” the driver was lifting weights while driving a truck and was judged to subsequently pose a danger to other Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 23, 2011at8:05 pm

  • The man who calls himself America’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio; and reality TV star and former action hero, Steven Seagal, raided the West Valley home of a man suspected of setting up illegal cockfights. Residents of the neighborhood are making a fuss after the gung-ho policemen rolled into the streets with heavily armored vehicles, including Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 23, 2011at3:53 pm

  • It’s normal for police officers to win awards for performing bravely, or for getting hurt in the line of duty. However, this is one of the few times that a cop purposely shot himself to attain the prestigious award by injuring himself. An officer by the name of Rajguru, who is currently in hospital after Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 23, 2011at3:43 pm

  • Savannah, Georgia. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and there’s chaos in these streets. It happens every year. The festival is one of the largest on the eastern seaboard, by attendance. Police roam the streets in patrol cars, hoping to prevent violence from getting out of hand. They’re from all over the state. Makeshift holding cells Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 22, 2011at9:01 pm

  • Three teenagers–two girls and a boy–thought they heard the sounds of a ghost in their house. Sounds of moaning and groaning could be heard emanating from their bedroom. When they went around to inspect it, they discovered a strange man standing naked in the room, masturbating. The man looked at them and groaned, causing them Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 22, 2011at8:31 pm