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  • opening-a-door-gets-student-suspended

    A teenager was suspended from Southampton Middle School for opening the door for a teacher who had her hands full. This good deed got him in trouble with the school because it was against school policy–a “zero tolerance” policy that was enacted after the school shooting at Columbine High School over a decade ago.


    posted on: March 18, 2011at2:08 pm

  • A bank robber in Texas who demanded that the bank teller hand over the cash at gunpoint abided by the teller’s request to show her two pieces of identification. Pugh tried to hold up a Dallas Wells Fargo Bank in July of last year when the teller stalled Pugh by telling him she needed to  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 17, 2011at9:55 pm

  • A family of bears decided to hibernate in a summer home at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources was called to rescue the family of bears after the home’s owners reported strange noises coming from under the house’s back deck. The 327-pound mama bear gave birth to three cubs,  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 17, 2011at9:45 pm

  • Babies really know how to entertain themselves. A toddler from London named Emerson became a YouTube sensation today after a video of the five-month-old surfaced on the video sharing website. The baby charmed its way into our hearts with its ridiculous facial expressions–it was shocked one moment and gleeful the next. The video has since  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 17, 2011at8:16 pm

  • A transgendered singer who appeared on Thailand’s Got Talent, their local version of “America’s Got Talent”, and published by the same company, impressed millions of the show’s viewers after she was able to sing in both male, and female vocals.

  • An author named Sheridan Simove is trying to make a point by publishing a book called “What every man thinks about apart from sex”. The book, which is priced at $7.49 on, consists of 200 blank pages. The author claims to have come up with the idea while working on another book, which didn’t  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 16, 2011at6:57 pm

  • In most places, smuggled vehicles are subject to seizure by the police. The vehicles are given proper registrations, which are then auctioned off by the government or repurposed for the police to use. They do things a little differently in the Philippines, where the vehicles, regardless of their cost, are often reduced to scrap metal  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 16, 2011at6:22 pm

  • In what may be an extreme case of schizophrenia or drug abuse, a Redmond man staying in a Lynnwood hotel room told police that he set his room on fire because he believed he was trying to protect “the good people” from Satan, who had apparently taken up residence in the room he was staying  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 16, 2011at5:27 pm

  • A man in Turkey risked life and limb to drive a burning fuel tanker out of a petrol station after it had caught on fire while he was unloading it. Had he ran for his life like everyone else instead of acting quickly by driving it elsewhere, the fuel tanker would have exploded at the  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 15, 2011at7:20 pm

  • pedestrian

    A pedestrian waling down a Los Angeles sidewalk narrowly survived a brush with death when a car careened into him at 50mph, slamming into a nearby wall.   Had the pedestrian walked a few feet forward just seconds before, he would’ve been hit by the car head on, which swerved off a busy road directly  Continue Reading »


    posted on: March 15, 2011at7:08 pm