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  • A boy who was celebrating the Rapture’s failure to arrive drowned in a river after he jumped into it. Anthony Thompson of Kalamazoo, Michigan, leapt into the Kalamazoo River with a group of his friends to celebrate the passing of Rapture Day, which was highly publicized by now-disgraced Christian radio host Harold Camping. Joy turned  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 23, 2011at2:17 pm

  • A report of a tiger on the loose prompted police in Hampshire, England to launch a large scale operation to capture the beast. The sighting even stopped play at the Rose Bowl cricket ground. Officers responded as if it were a real incident, enlisting the help of animal experts from the nearby Marwell Zoo, who  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 23, 2011at2:12 pm

  • An inventive Chinese farmer has created plastic glasses for his chickens to wear to stop them from fighting amongst themselves. Zhang Xiaolong managed to pacify his roosters after wearing them plastic blinkers, which prevent them from seeing straight ahead. While they aren’t completely blind, the chickens have a difficult time seeing straight ahead, making direct  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 23, 2011at2:02 pm

  • A Saudi Arabian woman was arrested after spitting buy cheap cialis on customers at a Walmart in Florida. The incident happened at 1pm on Sunday as the woman hit a door with her shopping cart while entering the Walmart. When confronted, she proceeded to spit on people. In an interview with the police, the woman  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 20, 2011at9:11 am

  • A golf club is redesigning the layout of its course after numerous cases where golf balls flew into a nearby convent school, striking nuns in their wake. The Torquay Golf Club received numerous complaints from nuns at the Stoodley Knowle Independent convent girls’ school according to the Metro. The golf club has agreed to make  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 20, 2011at8:10 am

  • Josh Ferrin found the discovery of a lifetime when he unearthed $45,000 in cash in the attic of his family’s newly purchased Salt Lake City home. As Ferrin walked into the garage, he noticed a piece of cloth that clung to an attic door. After climbing into the attic, he found what looked like a  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 20, 2011at7:01 am

  • A group of Fundamentalist Christians believe that the Rapture is due this Saturday. As they will be ‘saved’, their soulless pets are expected to be left behind on earth to fend for themselves. To that end, a group of atheists working for Eternal Earth-Bound Pets has taken up the duty of taking care of the  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 20, 2011at6:06 am

  • 27-year-old Nathaniel Wailu pleaded guilty to serious assault and obstructing a police officer after viagra pills he shoved his finger up a female police officer’s butt while she was on duty. Wailu, who was drunk at the time, simply walked behind the police officer and stuck his finger between the cheeks of her buttocks. The  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 19, 2011at9:43 pm

  • Police and FBI in Ohio are searching for a mullet-wearing criminal who has been on a bank-robbing spree throughout the state. Last seen in Columbus, Ohio, the distinctive mullet-wearing man is a suspect in at least two bank robberies over the past two weeks. The suspect is described as a white male, in his late  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 19, 2011at9:38 pm