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  • Scientists have genetically engineered E. coli bacteria to act as a biosensor that can detect the presence of viagra order toxins and secrete a colorful pigment. The synthetically engineered bacteria can be used to test water and air samples for various pollutants such as arsenic or carbon dioxide. The scientists from Cambridge University believe that  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 19, 2011at9:29 pm

  • The Centers for Disease Control has released an official disaster preparedness guide in case of a zombie apocalypse. Assuming the Rapture happens this Saturday, survivors on earth are going to have to cope with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of enraptured fundamentalist Christian husks. While the blog entry may have been written in a  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 19, 2011at9:25 pm

  • The United States government is suing the large coffee chain, Starbucks, for its decision to fire a barista in El Paso, who happens to be a dwarf. When the diminutive employee requested a stool to perform her services as a barista, her manager denied the request and fired her on the spot, claiming that she  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 18, 2011at5:19 pm

  • A stranded cruise ship carrying 1,700 passengers mutinied against the crew of the ship when their liner broke down in the Baltic Sea. Passengers aboard the MSC Opera viagra pills staged a mutiny against the crew after enduring blackouts, food shortages and a lack of running water and working toilets for almost three days. The  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 18, 2011at5:13 pm

  • A woman who put a two-year old child for sale on eBay accepted a man’s $1,000 bid. The 19-year-old Autumn Braden claims she only did it to “see how eBay worked” and cialis that it was “not meant to be taken seriously.” “An adorable child for sale can clean and hold a decent conversation very  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 18, 2011at1:09 pm

  • beard

    Being a man comes with all kinds of perks. You get to be the person who carries anything that is remotely heavy from the car to the door. You get to take the dogs outside in the blistering winter. And you also possess the mutant-like ability to grow thick hair out of your face.


    posted on: May 18, 2011at11:42 am

  • Two men rushed into a Des Moines, Iowa home after seeing an explosion come from the house. They managed to find the house’s 600-pound resident and rushed him to safety. Byker Mark and Steve Miller say they saw fire shooting out of the windows of their neighbor’s home. They say buy viagra no prescription they  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 17, 2011at8:05 am

  • Unable to find a suitable name for their newborn daughter, an an Israeli couple—Lior and Vardit Adler—were inspired by Facebook to name their daughter “Like.” The couple says that their announcement received 40 “likes” when they put it on Facebook. “We named her Like because it’s modern and innovative,” said the child’s father Lior Adler.  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 17, 2011at7:54 am

  • A woman from Glendale who couldn’t swim jumped into the buy cialis online without prescription pool to save her 5-year-old son, whom she thought was in danger of drowning when in fact he wasn’t. The 37-year-old mother were at home when the mother thought her son was splashing in the pool too much. “Her son  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 17, 2011at7:26 am

  • An argument that turned violent over a ham slice landed four people in hospital. Reports from Italian news agency ANSA say that the dispute broke out over the thickness of a supermarket’s ham slices. The row broke out buy cialis online when a 50-year-old woman who was shopping in Livorno protested that the ham slices  Continue Reading »


    posted on: May 17, 2011at7:22 am