Police in Federal Way, Washington have threatened a family for not paying licensing fees on their dead cat.

The family has been forced to relive the trauma of losing their cat, Lucy, which died last July.

Dan Eisenman and his family simply want to move on, they say, but the Federal Way Police Department is making it difficult.

Dan says that he received a notice of delinquency last year after Lucy’s death from the police department, which said he had to license his pet. He called up the department to inform them that the cat had died, to no avail. The department simply sent him another letter with a “Final Warning Notice” to pay up. He will face a $100 fine if he

doesn’t pay the fee.

“When somebody rubs salt in the wound by enforcing licensing for your deceased pet, it’s not something you want to go through every day,” said a distraught Eisenman.