A mum has found herself listed on the auction website eBay as ‘Yiddish momma for sale’ under the collectable categories with a starting bid price of about $2. James Doyen, her son came up with the plan of listing his mother online because she was ‘driving me crazy’ with her disastrous exploits at dating.

The eBay listing specified her condition as ‘used’ but in ‘pretty good working order’ with no ‘real defects of wear and tear’. It described his mother Sandi Firth as ‘beautiful, great cook, educated, articulate, family focuses, caring, priceless’. The mother of four said she was shocked first when it was listed on eBay but eventually caved in to the unusual match making scheme.

eBay auction setup by James Doyen for his mother Sandi Firth

‘My son is very innovative and has a wonderful way with words,’ she said. ‘I’ve had some rotten times and he has been through them with me.’ ’At the end of the day, it’s a cattle market out there.’ she added.

Mr Doyen, a 38 year old management consultant in London said ‘ I’m a bit impulsive and decided that eBay was the best way to generate interest in something.’ The listing which offered to deliver his mother to the winning bidder via a courier also stated that she is ‘an amazing cook – and her cherry pie is the best.’

eBay however did not see the funny side of match making through its popular auction platform, the site took down the listing and informed Mr Doyen that he could not sell people on the site.