A woman who put a two-year old child for sale on eBay .

The 19-year-old Autumn Braden claims she only did it to “see how eBay worked” and

that it was “not meant to be taken seriously.”

“An adorable child for sale can clean and hold a decent conversation very lovable but i just out grew her,” wrote Autumn of her 2-year-old relative.

The teenager had been babysitting the child at the time, who is now back in the custody of her mother.

Ottawa County police tracked down Braden just 15 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan, after being alerted to the auction.

The police say they received upwards of 2,000 calls about the incident, from people living as far away as California.

An eBay spokesman called the sale of humans “illegal” said it was “not permitted” on the website.