An Australian woman has been found guilty of stealing a SIM card to download $193,000 worth of data from the internet.

33-year-old Kylie Maree Monks pleaded guilty to computer-related fraud, receiving stolen property and one count of making a false declaration, the Supreme Court in Hobart heard yesterday.

Justice Shan Tennent said Monks was given a SIM card which had been stolen from an Aurora power meter with a wireless data connection to the Telstra NextG network.

The power company had been aware that the SIM card had been used without its permission between November 2009 and February 2010, when it received a bill of $193,187.43 from internet service provider Telstra.

Police initially spoke to Monks, who denied knowledge of the SIM card, but investigators found proof of her wrongdoing when they discovered that she had accessed Facebook using the stolen SIM card.

Monks downloaded dozens of movies from the Internet, which she then burned and distributed to a friend whom she met on the Internet. She says she downloaded movies and burned them at his request because his modem was broken.

She also used the stolen card to make phone calls.

Monks has been sentenced to jail for 18 months as a deterrent, with 12 months of the sentence suspended. She has also been ordered to pay the Aurora power company $193,187.43.