If you are a wrestling fan like myself you would have surely seen some pretty bad ( read outrageously horrible ) gimmicks over the years.

You’ve seen everything from a Ugandan Fat guy that slaps his belly to a guy who has his face painted red and eats worms for a living.

Putting together the most horrible gimmicks that Vince BigMac has dished out, it can be debated whether who gets to be in the top ten, but rest assured, each gimmick presented here is 100% guaranteed AW wait for it… FUL.

7. Kamala

Belly Slapping was obviously a Vince McMahon creation back in the mid 80′s and he used Kamala to pose as a Ugandan Giant, which really never made that sense because most people there follow Nicole Richie’s diet plan.

Either way, Kamala had some memorable moments including eating a live chicken on the air and getting thrown into some caskets ( custom made offcourse ) . Since he wrestled as bad he looks, I’ll start him off at number 7.

6. The BoogeyMan

The WWE creative team was probably high on some A grade weed when they thought that covering a guy’s face with red paint and making him eat worms is the best way to go to get those precious TV ratings . Again, I reinstate that this guy ate Worms. No, seriously. All he did was eat worms. Oh.. besides jumping behind doors and scaring other wrestlers . .and then again eating worms. Whats worse, when he rarely fought and won, the loser on the mat had to eat his worms. WTF ?

5. The RepoMan This guy actually makes Boogey Man look a bit better. Ahh.. the early 90′s. The good old early 90′s. RepoMan was fast tracked into the WWE to steal everybody’s stuff. Quite simple. He will be best known for his feud with The Macho Man, which started after the RepoMan stole his hat. Yes ladies and gentleman, the WWE was apparently smoking a lot of pot those days. Well, he wasn’t any good at stealing, thats for sure. Else he would have gone ahead and stolen a better gimmick.

4. Isaac Yankem

This guy had to mess up three of his front teeth just to play the part of the evil dentist . He feuded with the likes of Bret The Hitman Heart, and showed his evil grin here and there, but so messed up was his character, that he had to wear a mask for his next role. Kane.

3. The Goon

WCW vs WWF. Monday Night Nitro vs Monday Night Raw. Obviously WCW was taking WWF to the cleaners in terms of viewer ratings since WWF was showcasing a guy in hockey gear that sucked more than he  wrestled.

Supposedly The Goon had been kicked out of every hockey league for fighting, but only after a few months after his debut, the WWF team quickly realized their mistake and kicked him out of another league, though this time it was for sucking.

You miss out on the top five spot Mr. Goon, but its probably the closest you will ever get to No. 1 at anything.

2. Doink The Clown

His name is self explanatory. He was a clown who wrestled. He used the training he had got at Clown Academy to “cleverly” trick his opponents into stepping on trick wires and getting their heads bashed in with loaded prosthetic arms . His final appearance included him getting attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin amidst chants of ” KILL THE CLOWN “.

1.  The Gooker

Much hype was created in portraying the “hatching” of the mysterious egg that the WWE had planted in the 1990 survivor series. When the egg finally did hatch, the fans weren’t shown a new wrestler, instead they were treated to a guy in a red costume, red tights, with hair flopping all over and yelling all around the ring like a rooster. I’ll tell you one thing, you did not have to be there to know that there were a lot of bloodthirsty fans after that segment.

There you go, that is my list of honorable mentions of the worst WWE gimmicks of all time. Others who i feel missed out are

Tugboat, Earthquake, Rhythym and Blues,  Duke the Dumpster, Kim Chee, Slick, One Man Gang, Akeem, the Mountie, Red Rooster, John Heidenreich, and one other I will throw in, the NWO in the WWE.